Friday, October 27, 2017

Kratie Province

Kratie Province, located on east bank of the Mekong River, gets its fair share of visitors each year. Many come here to catch a glimpse of the few Irrawaddy Dolphins left in the world. The recommended place to see them is at Kampi Village, about 15 kilometers from town and the best time of day to watch them is during the late afternoon. These are an endangered species and are very rare; estimated to be only about 60 living in this stretch of the river.

A geographic indication certifies that a product comes from a particular location and may possess certain qualities or enjoy an enhanced reputation.

The town offers an authentic rural ambiance and a good place to relax; to spend a peaceful night or two. It is a nice relief from some of the country's more visited areas.

Their numerous sites to see here in Kratie. Phnom Sombok is a small temple located on a hill north of town where a long flight of steps leads to a pavilion with candid pictures of torture reminding visitors of the punishments in the afterlife if one does not lead a virtuous life. Wat Roka Kandal is a restored pagoda; ancient Lao style 'Stupa' on the riverfront about 2 kilometers from the town center. Nearby, there is a more modern pagoda where chanting of the monks can be heard at dawn and in the evenings. About 15 kilometers from town, there is a big Cham community. This is known locally as the 'basket-weaving' village; it is the biggest in Kratie with over 4000 villagers living here.

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