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Kep beach cambodia

Kep is a small seaside town located on the south-west coast of Cambodia. 
 There are Cambodian and Vietnamese islands are just offshore. It's a half hour drive from Kampot and the Vietnam border; and 2 or 3 hours from Sihanouk Ville. If you would like to make the trip from Phnom Penh to Kep beaches by bus the cost around $9.00 (3 hours) and private taxi the cost $55.00 (2 hours).There are many bungalows, villas, guesthouses, and hotels located in Kep. There's not a whole lot of activity in Kep. It is mostly a place for Kep national park, relaxation, enjoying fresh seafood, going for walks, trekking through the hills, boating, bicycling and mountain biking, sitting on the beach, and as a stopover on the way to or from Vietnam.
The main road through Kep is a loop from the hills to the beaches. It takes about 15 minutes by motorcycle to see the whole area. A few places rent motorcycles (about $5/day) and bicycles ($2/day), and this is probably the best way to get around town. You can learn to drive one of these 100cc motorcycles in about 2 minutes if you know how to drive a bicycle already. A litre of gasoline costs about $1.00 and gets you up to 1 hour of drive time on a motorcycle.
From the Crab Market to the Kep beach is about a 15-minute walk. A small sandy beach with nice ocean water. You can also travel by motor dope, a motorcycle taxi. A trip costs anywhere from 50 cents U.S. and up.
A boat trip to Rabbit Island takes 1/2 hour, and cost about $15 round trip from the Pier and return the only hotel $8.
Kep's most popular tourist activity is having a fresh seafood on the waterfront. The road opposite Kep Beach is lined with picnic platforms. Just rent a mat or find and empty platform and the vendors will present you with live crabs, fresh prawns, squid and fish from which to choose. Be clear about how much food you want and the cost before they begin to prepare your meal. Crab Maruek Restaurant, many of choose from services.
Some Activities
- Walk or drive through Kep National Park - great sea views, and forest walks.
- Kep is very famous for its crab so don’t forget to visit the crab market local restaurants.
- Explore Kep area with many old villas from the 1940s – 1960s.
- Laze on the beautiful sandy beach of Rabbit Island (Koh Tonsay), 30 minutes off the Kep coast.
- Rent fishing boats to catch fish and crab in hidden bays
King Sihanouk’s mansion - Visit the former King Sihanouk’s mansion on top of the hill and enjoy the troupe of monkeys that hang about in the forest bordering the villa
- Explore caves in Kompong Trach and elsewhere 25 km approximately 40 minutes by motorbike, and see great countryside along the way
- Bokkor mountain its old hill stand (1080 m), waterfalls and great forest
- Kampot, a lovely riverside town with old colonial buildings and nice riverside coffee shops, about 25 minutes from Kep (Sealed road)
- Tek Chou waterfalls, a picnic area popular with locals on the weekend, has food and refreshing dips in the water, near Kampot.

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